The experience always comes first. For me, that means being able to look back on an experience with nostalgia.
I backpack & hike with my boyfriend + our two pups quite often. That means lots of mountains to climb, lots of hot summer days & lots (and I mean LOTS) of breaks. At the end of the trip, all that matters are the high points. They make it all worth it. Those are the moments that make me enjoy our time! 
I bring that same notion to photography. A photoshoot is more than just that, it's an experience. An adventure. I want to create memories that last a lifetime, that you'll reflect on every time you look at your photos!

I'm Annah!


Let's do this thing!

That's Derrick!
My cute boyfriend!

And our cute pups, Atlas (Aussie) & Boomer (Lab)

Either Bali or the backcountry of Patagonia.

04. What's your dream vacation?

Usually coffee, specifically Dutch Bros!

03. Coffee or Tea?

The Office, for the millionth time.
 I need Netflix recommendations, please!

02. Currently Watching

Honestly, both! Cats to be chill and dogs to welcome you home with wagging tails.

01. Dogs or Cats?

All you need to know about me


Began creating the photography business of my dreams


Started my photography journey with film.


Shot 25 weddings in a year and over 50 portrait sessions.


Began creating the photography business if my dreams.


Started my photography journey with film.

  Let's do this thing!

Are you ready to adventure with me?