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How long will it take to get my photos?

Do you Offer Wedding Photography?

Do you travel?

Will you photoshop my body to look different?

I want a champagne pop or some other unique experience during my wedding, can we do that?

Sneak peaks are guaranteed within 48 hours, I know how anxious I get waiting to share my photos! Full day weddings are guaranteed within 6 weeks, everything else is guaranteed in 4 weeks!

Wedding photography is my FAVORITE. I definitely do. Weddings & elopements are my jam.

ABSOLUTELY. I welcome travel with open arms. Whether it's New York or Indonesia, count me in. I'll bring my low-stress, one of a kind experience to you!

Unless it's the standard skin retouching, or blemish removal, no. I do not warp bodies. Everyone is beautiful the way they are, and deserve to be celebrated - just as they are! 

Your wedding day is about YOU, and I'm all about facilitating the fun for you! Champagne pops, motorcycles, party buses - let's do it!

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